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PILAS Lab Manual

Read our manual to learn more about the lab!

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Mentorship is a critical part of my professional identity. My mentorship style is based on a scaffolding approach in which I initially help students professionally and personally acclimate to academia through weekly meetings to check-in on progress and adjustment. As we start to develop projects together, I become actively involved in guiding research theory and methodology. As my mentees become more comfortable and experienced, I start to give them full autonomy with support and guidance as needed. My goals as a mentor are to provide my students the necessary tools and confidence to become successful researchers. I want to encourage my mentees to push the boundaries of my research and to come up with ideas that are novel and that expand my knowledge and understanding.

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Prospective Grad Students:
Come Work with Me!

The School of Psychological Science is Accepting Students for the Ph.D. in Psychology.

Reach out to Ivan if you are interested in more information!

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