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Psychophysiology, Intersectionality, Latinx, & Acculturative Science Lab

Research Focus

The name PILAS originates from the Mexican saying, "ponte las pilas," which roughly translates to "do your best", "hustle hard", or "get moving". Without the saying, pilas translates to batteries. This lab is all about energy, context, and innovation. As a lab, we are creating new forms of investigating the role of culture in domains that have not included it before. In PILAS, we critically think about science and how we can further socially just methodology.

Image by Danilo Alvesd

Identity and Intersectionality

One focus of this lab is investigating identity in all its forms (ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, and so forth) and how it contributes to social justice orientation and critical consciousness development.


Latinx Psychophysiology

Another focus of this lab is in the area of cultural neuroscience, where we investigate the effects of Latinx culture on cognitive processes using psychophysiological methods such as EEG, GSR, and HRV.

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